Monday, January 11, 2010

Life Food and Heart Healing with Dr. David Jubb!

Dr. David Jubb was my first raw food teacher 10 years ago. He blew my mind! I asked him for a consultation and told him that I did not have money to pay. I was soooo ill I thought I was going to die! He smiled and said that he would help me. He gave me over an hour of his time. First thing he did is put his hand on my heart and said the first thing I need to do is heal this. I felt a connection right then because I had a big broken heart at the time. He told me to put my relationship with the father of my 3 year old on hold, and focus on healing. He knew what he was talking about and so did I, unfortunately I did not listen to that part. I only listened to the physical and life food part. Which helped a lot, but my healing took so much longer because I held onto my toxic relationship like my life depended on it. Not realizing that my life depended on letting it go.

Well, it took me years to let go. I was afraid to open up to the feelings inside because I thought they were too painful to look at or take responsibility for, now I know it is one of the most important aspects to LIFE healing there is. Letting go of toxic emotions and realizing the strength inside to take responsibility for our life.

Which brings me to Life Food healing. Dr Jubb teaches that we need to eat the foods that are grown close to nature. Food that can grow outside a farmers fence without our help. They have the strongest life force and can give that to our bodies. Hear is a list of some of those foods.

Life Food:
Kale and other Leafy Greens
Burdock Root
Heirloom tomatoes
Seeds and Nuts that have been germinated, (soaked in water)
Mustard Greens
All Berries
Most Fruits
Bee Pollen

I will be posting some yummy recipes containing these nutritious nature foods!

Here is a list of foods that are high in starch and less than excellent for our bodies:


A quote by Dr. Jubb;

"Lifeforce allows a lifeform to be able to reproduce itself. If it can reproduce itself and is plant based it is a lifefood. If not it is not lifefood. If lifefood or herb is put with what came from nature it compounds synergistically to harmonize and maintain a confluence of vibration. This is not so for what can not exist for itself in nature."

Tune in tomorrow!

Shanti, (Susan)

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Eton said...

Gotta love Dr. Jubb. So excellent that you could meet him personally and so amazing his approach to helping you heal up...